Legator N6OD - Purple

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Xaliman Guitars is Legator Guitars USA's only Official Dealer in New Zealand.

Notes & Details for the Legator N6OD - Purple Electric Guitar:

Handcrafted in South Korea

The Ninja Overdrive features super-fast, ultra-thin multi-scale necks, incredibly lightweight bodies, and jaw-dropping buckeye tops. Equipped with proprietary hardware and high powered alnico humbuckers, this is the ideal instrument for the modern player.

  • 25.5″ Scale, Standard 6 String
  • Mahogany Body, Buckeye top
  • 5pc Mahogany/Maple Neck, Ebony/Maple FB
  • Injection Molded Graphite Nut 
  • 18:1 Gear Ratio Locking Tuners 
  • Custom Passive Alnico V
  • 14″ radius, 1.37″ thickness body 
  • 3-way toggle switch, Master Volume