KHDK Ghoul Junior (Overdrive)

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Handbuilt in the U.S.A.

Hyper Powerful Mini Overdrive GHOUL JR is a hyper-powerful overdrive circuit coiled inside a micro-sized box. It's the evil little brother of our Ghoul Screamer, featuring its most used settings in half the size and twice the gain. Yes, it goes past 11.

"Evil things come in small packages." ~ Kirk Hammett

This workhorse delivers massive overdrive with a wide range of colours from fuzzy vintage treble boost to creamy, liquid tone.

The haunting ghoulish face on the enclosure was hand-drawn by San Fran's tattoo wizard Tim Lehi.

New 'Balls to the Wall' Mode We’ve added a brand new full-on mode for even more powerful cut-through sound. Look for it with the Style switch in ‘down’ setting. As Kirk put it: "Flick the Style switch down and wreak havoc!"

This ghoulie is powerful enough to be your main overdrive and also works great for boosting an already overdriven amp or to bring out the best of its neighbours on a pedalboard.

Description via KHDK Electronics